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Ooh I Found My Sweet Spot!

When you look at this tall Amazon Woman, what do you see? Her height, powerful presence, beautiful social butterfly or the little girl with a broken heart from her emotionally unavailable Daddy? Do you see the molestation that she didn't talk about until she was married and navigating the world? How about the deep feelings of being unloved and unwanted in her own family? Do you see her sensitive, empathic soul? Do you see the southern "good girl syndrome" in operation?

Let me help you out--- what you see is a paradox of duality that led to an unapologetic journey of LOVE, LIGHT and LIBERATION! This journey of love was not a game. It took me through the valley of darkness, grief, anxiety and depression and escorted me to mountain tops of illuminating breakthroughs, powerful life lessons and the majestic maturity of womanly wisdom. Like many women, I sought relief from my pain through religion. Therapy was NOT on my radar. I was steeped so deep in religion I could not even think about the therapeutic healing work I needed to be set free. I wanted God to just take away the depression and anger of my childhood. Magically wipe my slate clean like the preacher preached!

Upon entering college at Southern University in Baton Rouge the controlling rigor of religion would color my special interest in social justice. A passion for my people, influencing power structures and social justice would lead me to practice Islam around the age of 18. Very quickly I emerged as a leader within the Nation of Islam serving at high capacity. I was given quite a bit of responsibility and became a highly respected officer within the core. My role was to "enforce the rules" that governed conduct, dress, home life, diet and spiritual life of the women. I taught personal development and spiritual classes that applied to personal areas relevant to a woman's home, personal and global life. However, I soon realized that there was still something MORE. My soul kept saying "this ain't it"! My soul made me listen. I diligently studied and experienced a pantheon of World Religions. Through intentional therapy; pursuit of the truth and personal experience my LIGHT was turned-on from within. I discovered freedom was outside of the constraining, controlling and rigorous rules of religion! My soul wanted to be FREE. When the LIGHT came on, I had to embrace my truth and freedom showed up.

Wow--- LIBERATION is my sweet spot! It is the most potent place of my womanhood and available for any woman who desires to access it. I became an apprentice to the work of self discovery and personal transformation. I found my home facilitating wholistic healing. Answering this call was the turning point that elevated my understanding to my feminine power. Experiencing my own rites of passage; healing, forgiving, learning and embracing ME--- I found a new religion called LIBERATION! I AM FREE. My truth liberated me from religious bondage. I am a healer, teacher, speaker and minister of this work for women around the world. My story is a wonder!

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