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Dear Sista, I SEE YOU. BREATHE, Sis.

Dear Sista,

Wherever you are, I ask that you join me in a breath.

Together, let us

Inhale….1, 2, 3.


Exhale...3, 2, 1.

Let this breath be a reminder to take a moment for ourselves. Too often, we are tempted by external pressures and internal insecurities to feel guilty about taking time to tend to our needs. For some of us, we even subconsciously perpetuate white supremacy ideology that suggests peace is unfit for Black womxn.

With that I say, “Dear Sista, I see you”.

I see you holding your breath in the workplace, as means of survival.

I see you sitting on boards and committees to advocate for our community.

I see you staying up late to help your kids finish a school project.

I see you biting your tongue while simultaneously praying for your peace.

I see you crying, secretly, fearful that you will not bore children.

I see you desiring, more than anything, the opportunity to “just be”.

Please know that I am right there with you. Please know that for as much as I see you, I am begging that you see me, too. I long for symbiotic relationships. I long to be affirmed as much as I affirm others. I long for an authentic community as much as I long for solitude.

This past weekend, I got a glimpse of such longings being fulfilled as radiant sistas intentionally gathered on Mt. Si for the Dear Sista I SEE YOU Retreat, hosted by Wonder of Women International. The mountain itself offered its own majesty. The serenity of running water combined with mossy green trees provided an unrestricted sanctuary, great for reflection. The busyness of my life was invited to stop and pause, as my feet crunched in the untouched snow. The crispness of the outdoors, felt on the tip of my tongue, reminded me just how much I have missed air. I don’t know about you sis, but I had been holding my breath for so long, especially during this past year, that I began to normalize the tension in my body, mind and spirit. Sitting in circle with my sistas encouraged me to be more frank with myself. What have I been suppressing? What have I been avoiding in my life? How

have I been coping throughout the chaos of 2020?

I realized, at the retreat, that it is paramount that the moments summoning life are to be savored amidst so much death-- be it from racial injustice, COVID, and the like. In a room full of Black womxn, there dwells an inherent divinity. LOVE, LIGHT AND LIBERATION engulf the room as we reconcile with our grievances and past wounds.

Mrs. Veronica Very (right), the founder and visionary of Wonder of Women International gently, yet boldly reminded participants that: Their truths are a wonder. Moreover, the truth is simply that-- the truth. It need not be dissected or dismissed. There is no need for it to be a catalyst for a crisis. Rather, the truth is an informant to the inner workings of our being.

When is the last time you've taken time for yourself? When is the last time you've gotten away to release, renew, and rise? Sis--- there isn't a thing a good sista can’t do once she says “YES!” to the pursuit of her LOVE, LIGHT, and LIBERATION.

Today, and everyday--- if nothing else, I welcome you to BREATHE.

When we breathe, WE HEAL.

When we stand firmly in our truth.... WE HEAL.

Dear Sista, I SEE YOU.

Breathe, Sis.


Your Sista


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