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Dr. Phillis' Five Practical Prescriptions for "Being Well" After Telling Your Story

Everything we needed was in the room. Compassion, sisterhood, accountability, support, nurturing, healing, bonding and connections were all found in the company of my Sista’s. In the words of the women who attended--- it was empowering, healing, transformative and life changing. It was an awakening!

Our Sista time ignited our hopes, re-energized our dreams and goals and awakened us to the fact that we can leverage our pain into a life of promise, passion and power that aligns with our purpose. We were awakened to recognize the need for positive life-giving community that makes the visions and dreams in our wombs leap, grow and come alive into the world. We were awakened to the fact that we have the power to choose love, light and liberation or stay stuck in brokenness of our truth and DIE! We overwhelmingly chose LIFE!

This healing and awakening is a critical step, but each day must be met with a renewed commitment to LOVE and LIGHT so we can actually be LIBERATED again and again. It takes intentional practice, dedication and determination to sustain your healing.

In the days ahead, self-care will be more important than ever before. Use these 5 prescriptions to help you stay on the path to happy, healthy living on purpose:

1. Practice Sacred Self Care

Be mindful of what you allow to follow your awakening. You will be vulnerable, raw and open. Be intentional about creating sacred space at home, work or wherever you find yourself. Manage sensitive entry points— what you see, what you hear, feel, smell and taste. Watch the music you're listening to; what you watch on TV and what you read. Clean up your social media feed. Make sure your feed is feeding you positivity. Take a social media break every now and then. Use quotes, positive songs, positive energy to help you and be on the lookout for things that negatively impact your spirit. This is important not just for the first week, but as a life practice to protect the awakening.

2. Dismiss Negative Thoughts

Breathe! Acknowledge all of your feelings – highs and lows. Negative thoughts will come. Instead of trying to fight them and ignore them, recognize them and allow them to flow in a different direction. Call them out by name as you dismiss them from your mind. They want to undo your work, reverse your commitment and snuff out your “yes” to life. So when the thoughts come, “Hey doubt and fear and GOODBYE! You are not welcome to stay”. Now carry on or find a therapist that can help you address those feelings in a clinical setting.

3. Keep Your Body Moving

Give yourself time to rest and balanced nutrition. Get your body moving with some form of exercise— grab a Zumba or Spin Class or go dancing. Exhaustion and poor physical health is the breeding ground for emotional havoc.

4. Stay Connected with Your Sistas

Avoid isolation--- Stay connected with your sister's! Commit to checking in with at least one person who shared this journey with you. Come up with an agreement on how and when you will connect and follow through. Go for a walk her, read a great book together, volunteer your time and talents serving other women, and stay in gratitude. Remember you are not the only person whose been through your journey. Somebody may need your voice and inspiration.

5. Mix it Up--- Sistas Need a Safety Net Too!

Create a diverse safety net for self-care. Begin the process of healthy mind, body and spirit. Your safety net may include your physician, prayer group, life coach, counselor, therapist, continued workshops, retreats and events. Get the help you need. You deserve it! Visit Counselors and Therapists General Directory at to find certified mental health professionals, counselors and therapist near you.

Investing in yourself, loving your self, validating yourself is the most important step you will ever take in life.

Here’s to recreating, redefining, and realigning your life with love, light and liberation--- because Your Story is a Wonder!

Dr. Phillis Mims-Gillum is a board certified medical doctor in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology with over 15 years of clinical experience. A Founding WOW Story Teller and a Trusted Physician , A Reliable Resource, and a Women’s Health Advocate, she provides comprehensive care for females of all ages. Recognizing that Sexual Health and Emotional Health are an important part of Comprehensive health care , Dr. Mims-Gillum has expanded her role Beyond Doctoring. Photo credit to Eyemagination Imaging.

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