Our Values

Love, light and liberation are the primary jewels in our crown. They make our voices heard loud and clear and amplify our wonder. Everything we do is powered by love, light and liberation.




Love is the gateway to experiencing life at its fullest and highest experience. We believe in the power of love to heal, restore and make whole. Self-love is paramount because without it we cannot give and receive love in a healthy way. Love has the power to transform unhealthy behaviors and heal unresolved issues when we stand in our truth. Love elevates our perspective as it relates to how we give, receive and recognize support. Love is activated and amplified when exchanged in community.

Light has the power to give you a crystal clear view of your truth. It provides clarity and opportunity for breakthrough by illuminating areas of our life that needs healing, growth and change. Without light we go through life without insight into the lessons life wants to teach us. When the light comes on we no longer need to deny, suppress or hide from our truth. To the contrary, light helps you to see what you need to see so you can tell the truth and be totally free. 

Liberation frees you from controlling obligation, justification and explanation. Living in truth liberates you to choose what is right for you. A life truly liberated is one that refuses to hide from the truth in silence, shame and blame. Liberation is the power to freely learn, love and live in our innate wonder.

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