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Seattle Artist Hiawatha D. to Unveil Iconic Black Women Collection

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Seattle artist, Hiawatha D. is painting a collection of fifteen history-making Black women. He will unveil this most anticipated art collection entitled, Iconic Black Women, Sunday, April 21st at 5 pm.

Iconic Black Women is being presented by Wonder of Women International (WOW), during their annual ‘Resurrection Wonder’ community celebration of art, music, and stories at the historical Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute, Seattle, WA.

While several of Hiawatha’s pieces are inspired by legends such as Harriet Tubman, Oprah Winfrey, and former First Lady Michelle Obama, he believes all women can recognize themselves in these images.

“This collection is powerful because it tells a story of amazing women,” said Hiawatha. “Although Black women are very important to our society they are significantly underrepresented in all sectors. Black women are rarely celebrated and dying from preventable health conditions at alarming rates.” said Hiawatha.

Hiawatha D.’s art is inspired by African American artists such as the lates Jacob Lawrence, William H. Johnson, Henry O. Tanner, and other greats. Hiawatha's work has been sold at Nordstrom and exhibited at galleries and trade shows nationwide.

“This Women’s History Month I felt it was time to paint a collection of Black women legends who’ve impacted the world,” Hiawatha continued. “My intention is to honor women by showing how connected we are to the stories painted in this collection. In times like these, I believe these stories can inspire and ignite our very own iconic power.”

A strong believer in community, Hiawatha D. has taught art in Seattle Public Schools and served youth at the Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle. He also designed and taught City Art Camp summer program for City of Seattle Parks and Recreation. All of Hiawatha’s passion, years of experience and precise detail to his art is embodied in his latest collection, Iconic Black Women.

WOW creates sacred space for Black women and girls to find their voice, stand in their truth and celebrate their wonder by telling their story. To purchase tickets for Resurrection Wonder visit Learn more about Hiawatha D. at

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