Founder & Visionary

Veronica Very is an inspiring leader who creates sacred spaces for Black women to find their voice, stand in their truth and celebrate their wonder. 


As President & Founder of Wonder of Women International, Veronica’s healing work is transforming the lives of countless women across the globe. She speaks with an unapologetic conviction for the liberating power of Truth and Love provoking her listeners to come out from hiding and be lifted to a higher place of freedom and power. Her imprint created through healing retreat and event experiences has been seen and felt in valleys and mountain tops across the continental United States, and as far as China and South Africa.


Veronica was honored to be chosen by the founders of Girltrek, Vanessa and Morgan, to serve on Girltrek’s first national tour preparing trekkers across the country to tell their story. Her success working with GirlTrekkers nationally inspired the GirlTrek executives to invite her to speak and teach at Stress Protest where thousands of Black women from around the world have come to engage radical self care in the Rocky Mountains. 


Veronica owns a fine art company, HV BlackArtDesign, with her husband visual artist, Hiawatha D. She has designed major events for global leaders including President Barack Obama's Re-election Luncheon at the Seattle Paramount Theater; Stellar Women Leadership Delegations to China; and Seattle Sweden Week featuring Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Victoria. 


Veronica will forever cherish the memories and mourn the loss and of her late daughter AshléAriane “Ash” (28yrs), who passed away, July 31, 2017, from complications related to Sickle Cell Anemia. In her memory, Veronica is currently writing a book entitled “Good Mourning” to help us heal by making our sorrow, grief and mourning journey a good one.