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Founder & Visionary

Veronica Very Davis, is an energizing champion for healing, education, inspiration, and liberation for Black women and girls and Black love. Veronica is an innovative creator, an inspiring motivational speaker, and an unapologetic leader. 


A relentless student of life who vulnerably stands in the truth-telling power of her own story, Veronica activates ancestral wisdom with her intuitive energy to promote uplifting stories that intentionally reframes and reclaims narratives for Black people to disrupt traumas and heal emotional and spiritual pains and grief by lovingly confronting spiritual and racially driven injuries to self love and confidence by creating spaces that positively promotes the power and promise of Black people. 


A proud Seattle, Washington native resident, Veronica is a globally traveled founder & visionary CEO of Wonder of Women International (WOW), founded and headquartered in Seattle, WA, since 2016. WOW is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization organized to create safe and sacred spaces for Black women and girls to find their voice, stand in their truth, and tell their stories. WOW uses the power of storytelling and art to help Black women liberate themselves from emotional pain, racial traumas, grief and loss, and other mental health issues inextricably connected to a Black woman's journey in her body. Since WOW's founding, Veronica's ancestral healing framework through stories and art has powerfully influenced change and transformation for thousands of Black women and girls across the nation and in the continent of Africa. Wonder of Women's mission is to build retreat centers in America and the Motherland that provides afrocentric hospitality and learning spaces for renewal, reflection, restoration, and rejuvenation centered in Black ancestral culture.


When recent racial uprisings for Black lives and the global pandemic broke out, Veronica didn't stop creating. To the contrary, she used the quarantine period to proliferate and innovate new ways to share her work with the world by conceptualizing, curating, designing, and opening the WOW Gallery located in the center of the economic corridor at Pacific Place Seattle. What was intended to be a six month long healing art exhibition that unapologetically prioritizes the urgent imperative for healing in the race relations and social justice conversation has become a cultural destination experience attracting patrons, companies, scholars, healers, artists, creators, leaders, and light-workers from around the world.


Veronica is the visionary, author, and co-creator of the expansive healing art exhibition entitled Dear Sista, I See You.’ featuring the historic Iconic Black Women and Black Love Collections painted by her co-creator husband Hiawatha D.  She self-published a coffee table book, Dear Sista: A Sacred Collection of Love, Light, and Liberation Letters from My Sisters that has become a healing resource for executive, spiritual, facilitators, and community leaders in circles, retreats, and workshops around the world. , featuring images of Hiawatha D.’s historic Iconic Black Women paintings. 


Although Veronica has worked in the nonprofit sector for more that twenty-two years, she engages her vocational experience with corporations such as Starwood Hotels & Resorts; Nordstrom, the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce, MAC Cosmetics and Stellar International Networks that have both benefited and prepared her for practicing and publishing such an expansive body of life changing works. 


Veronica leads with love. Her relentless passion for life and compassion for her people is deeply personal. She has endured life altering fights directly influenced by the sickness of racism and white supremacy in our society. A survivor of domestic violence and sexual abuse as a child, Veronica's personal traumas have significantly impacted her mental and physical health. The residual of these childhood traumas would become central to landing her a homeless single mom eventually in residence at the Seattle YWCA Emergency Shelter where instead of resting and healing she would become an unofficial emotional and career counselor to vulnerable women seeking safe housing for themselves and their children. Veronica is a living donor who donated one of her kidney's to her late mother Glennell in 1999, giving her five additional years of life. She will forever mourn her daughter's twenty-eight year battle with sickle cell anemia, (a genetic blood disorder that primarily infects African Americans) before the heartbreaking loss of her only child Ashlé in 2017. From the globally known deaths of Sandra Bland, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and countless episodes of police brutality in America, Veronica's body is repeatedly triggered by the unknown police brutality death of her baby brother Keith in 1994. Instead of giving up hope for healing and change, these horrifically unfortunate personal experiences would literally help shape and inform her passion for a healing framework and loving leadership for WOW. 


Veronica's passion is to help others remember their power by redirecting and reframing the energetic vibration of their stories, to ensure no amount of their pain is in vain.

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