Founder & Visionary

In the age of pandemics and protesting—Black Love is her radical protest. Seattle native—Veronica Very is founder and visionary of Wonder of Women International and the nations newest cultural destination experience WOW Gallery. She is the visionary creator of the ‘Dear Sista, I See You.’ Healing Art Exhibition that unapologetically centers Black Women, Black Love, and the Black Community in the heart of Downtown Seattle’s economic corridor in Pacific Place Mall. 

WOW is a grassroots movement creating safe healing spaces spaces for the mental health and wellbeing of Black women and girls founded in 2016. The vision is to see Black women healthy, happy, healed,  and whole.

WOW uses the undeniable power of art, self love, and storytelling to help heal and liberate Black women from the emotional pain of anti-blackness, domestic and workplace traumas, grief, and racial inequities that continues to break the hearts and families of Black peoples. 

A fiercely inspiring and thought provoking speaker— Veronica’s storytelling voice through WOW is commanding the attention of organizations like Reebok, Microsoft, Amazon, UW School of Medicine and Business Schools to invite her to speak and facilitate team building experiences.

Veronica and WOW are the inspiration for the historic Iconic Black Women and Black Love Collections painted by her co-creator Hiawatha D. currently on exhibition at WOW Gallery, previously exhibited at Northwest African American Museum and the Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute.

Veronica published a coffee table book entitled, Dear Sista: A Sacred Collection of Love, Light, and Liberation Letters from My Sisters featuring Iconic Black Women images by Hiawatha D. 

Fun Facts: Veronica and Hiawatha met in 2016 when she hired him to help her design the website for WOW.   They fell in love creating WOW and married Juneteenth weekend 2018.


She passionately credits the power of Black Love and her dedication to the visionary work of WOW with healing her broken heart when she lost her 28yr old beloved daughter Ashlé in 2017. Their love story is an epic testament to power of vision, passion, and all things Black!