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13 Essential Tips for Dealing with the Flu Virus Head On!

The flu is crazy serious this year! It’s spreading like wildfire with a lethal flame. It’s imperative we do everything we can to prevent this awful virus from ruining the energy in our homes, workplace and community. We captured these tips from Lynn Calvert’s Facebook. Wish we had the name of the physician who wrote it, but we had to share with hopes more women are girls are safe and healthy from this horrible illness. Stay healthy Sistas! 1.) You CAN get the flu even if you received the flu vaccine. Especially since this years shot is only 10% -33% effective per the CDC- however if you received the vaccine, your illness may be less severe. 2.) You have a virus with a course of 7-14 days during which you are going to feel like you want to die; you may/will have fever, chills, severe headache, sore throat, chest congestion, nasal congestion, coughing, sneezing, sore throat, severe weakness/lethargy, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea and severe body/joint aches. Viruses DON'T get treated with antibiotics, it has to run its course. 3.) Go to your primary care doctor, urgent care, or telephone triage nurse FIRST, but know there is little they can do to help you. The only thing they can help you with is medication for severe coughing unresponsive to over the counter medications or severe diarrhea/vomiting. You do not need antibiotics unless you develop a secondary lung infection. 4.) DON'T COME TO THE ER...UNLESS you have shortness of breath (not the same thing as CONGESTION), you cannot keep down fluids for 24 hours, have persistent liquid stools accompanied by dizziness, fast heart rate or low blood pressure. 5.) Tamiflu is an antiviral drug that is found to be mostly ineffective, and comes with significant side effects and price tag. It may or may not help you. 6.) DO take Tylenol AND Advil/Motrin/Aleve at MAX doses (unless contraindicated by other health issues) to alleviate fever, headache and body aches. 7.) DO take over-the-counter flu remedies. Be careful taking combinations of different medications to avoid overdosing and overtreating (for example, some flu medicines already have Tylenol (Acetaminophen) in them, read the bottle. 8.) Use home remedies such as "hot toddies" (whiskey/lemon/honey FOR ADULTS ONLY), hot showers, vapor rubs, vapor humidifiers, essential oils, etc. 9.) Drink TONS of fluids! Hot liquids and soups may be helpful. Try to maintain nutritious intake. Milk products may thicken mucus and worsen coughs. 10.) IMPORTANT: A rule of thumb about coughing!...If it's productive (coughing up sputum), DO NOT suppress it with meds. If it's non-productive (dry and annoying), DO suppress it. Make sure you're properly hydrated, especially with a productive cough (it thins secretions and makes them easier to cough up and out). Elevate your head when you sleep to decrease coughing/secretions. 11.) PLAN AHEAD--stock up now on necessary medications, juices and drinks, soups, popsicles, and broth so you'll be ready. This time of year it is not unusual to find store shelves empty. You won't want to go shopping when you or a loved one is sick. 12.) DO NOT GO OUT IN PUBLIC FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE!! An older person or someone in poor health or with respiratory disease can die from the flu you pass on to them! Do NOT send a child with a fever to school during flu season. 13.) WASH YOUR HANDS WITH SOAP AND WATER!!" **Copied and pasted from Lynn Calvert Facebook post. Excellent advice during this time of year.** 

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