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Listen to our girls! Fourteen year old poet Rena Mateja stands in her truth about America, says she&

Sick and Tired

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired

but I don’t know what else to do

my heart usually sees a bright side to something

and know we can change it

but my heart is no longer pumping hope

it’s pumping hate

for all the bigots who hate against my race

It’s making my stomach turn

because it’s my turn to speak

but my voice is being washed out

by people who hate me

I’m trying to yell

I’m trying to fight

for what I believe in

but I just continue to laugh

at the mere stupidity

of Donald Trumps demons

Because I am sick and tired

sick and tired of people being scared

sick and tired of people not seeing past color

sick and tired of people changing the narrative

sick and tired of the injustice in this country

sick and tired of people battered

being beaten bloody on concrete

till they bleed to death

for something

and I’ll let you guess

it’s not weed... it’s not meth...

it’s something much worse

that takes their last breath

it’s the red, white and blue vest that is more toxic

than the nuclear missiles that are being tested

worse than the opioid crisis

we know this is not right

but it’s the country we put our hand over our heart for

the country that is being torn apart

it’s a two letter word that’s one of the worst

we know it’s badder than the people being mistreated in Puerto Rico

It’s white supremacy

and it’s all around us

like climate change

it continues to astound us

It’s America...

America the pitiful

we can’t even take a knee

for getting rid of the pistoles

it’s the truth

and now we need to change it

because I’ll be damned if my breath

continues to be effortlessly wasted

So let’s fight together

because WE are sick and tired

by 14yr old Seattle poet Rena Mateja

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