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Kamari Bright Writes & Proclaims The Poem: Resurrection Wonder

A thing cannot resurrect

Without first being buried

Without having tasted the difference between

top soil and 6-ft down dirt

As it is hurled over your name

Without having breathed in the darkness

Because there is no air in the

Depths that a weary soul can sink to


A thing cannot resurrect

Until it has known firsthand that

The fire that forges steel

And purifies gold

must know you too

And you may find yourself buried, skin singed

In flames as bright as Arizona soil

But remember not to fear the fire

For you are phoenix

You cleanse yourself in heat

And you may find the roots cut

from beneath your very feet,

oceans away from your land,

generations removed from your history

But do not worry

for your greatness is like the word of God

It is written in every strand of your DNA

You were written to be the crowning achievement of creation

The last being molded from God’s hands

And the first women to grace this earth

You were written to be the safe keepers of culture,

the backbones of community

There is healing and home programmed in your instinct

You were written to be supported and

strengthened through your sisters

There is a divine reason why our bodies sync

to the flow of other queens

You were written to be complete,

to be wise, to be cared for, to be awe-inspiring,

to be soft, to be loved, to be heard,

to be uplifted, to be healed, to be seen

But also

To be tested and tried, revised and refined,

Because the light you possess grows brighter with every dark moment it pierces through

Because you cannot ascend to your highest glory

Without first conquering your lowest low

Because in order to resurrect

you will have to lay your smallness to rest

But when you do rise, and you will rise,

from the depths dirt flames cuts and trials

My god, will your story be a wonder!

Resurrection Wonder is dedicated to Black Women and Girls everywhere. Written by Poet/Author/Model - Kamari Bright

Photo capture by Lanika Exkano Photography

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