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Energy Check: Be fruitful & multiply, Evaluating the fruit of your relationships

When your life intersects relationship with anyone there aught to be some fruit. Your very presence in someone's life should activate the fruit of their purpose. Someone else’s presence in your life should activate the fruit of your purpose. You know what I mean right? Like suddenly you’re doing what you dreamed to do. Creating what you’ve always wanted to create. Flowing and moving and being in your purpose and passion. Getting in touch with what God was thinking about when you were being shaped in your mothers womb.


Fruit. A divine exchange of energy that trumps your own expectations and motives and aligns you with your known and unknown desires, thoughts, dreams and hopes. Fruit is found in the flow of loving presence and will surprise and delight you with bliss, bounty and birthing. You will experience new dreams, new mindsets, new projects, new experiences, new paintings, new abundance, new ideas and always new hope. We are called to be fruitful and multiply. Called to increase and repopulate the earth. (Gen. 1:28)


Where is your fruit? Are you multiplying or subtracting? Adding value or taking away? Is your giving in alignment with your receiving? Is your receiving in alignment with your giving? Are you activating FRUIT in your relationships? Are the people in your life activating the fruit of your passion and purpose? Is there a divine exchange of good energy in your relationships? Are your relationships multiplying fruit!?

The fruit of purpose and power is ripe and ready to be birthed into the world through YOU! But you cannot do it alone. Good fruit is nurtured and grown through positive relationships with people who bring peace, joy, happiness, love, light and liberation.

An honest response to these questions will liberate you to make choices that multiply fruit in your life.

Veronica Very is Founder & President, Wonder of Women International

You may visit and learn more at

PHOTO CREDIT: Eyemagination Imaging

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