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Dear Woman of Love, We Are More Than Our Bodies, Together We Rise

Dear Woman of Love,

We are more than your bodies. We are more than what we look like. We are more than what they said about us. We are more than what we think about ourselves. When will we believe we are perfectly imperfect?

When will we believe that our beauty is more than skin deep? When will we understand that we are a temple of God and that our greatest treasures are within?

When will we know that in order for us to win, no other woman has to lose? In order to keep another woman down we've gotta be right down there holding them. We've got to get up! Let's Rise up. ToGetHER we rise.


Sabrina Lawton

Sabrina Lawton is Founder & Visionary, Evolve to Love. Learn more about Sabrina by visiting #EvolvetoLove #WonderofWomen #WonderNews #MyStoryisaWonder

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