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Seven Core Principles to For Living Into Your Purpose Out Loud | L+L+L=

I've learned not to look for the whole picture of what is ahead. The glimpses are inspiration enough. Enough to activate and elevate me into divine flow. Releasing stagnation and procrastination on my journey so I can live into what I see, know and believe.

Too much concern with what you don't fully know and think you don't have will distract you from miracle moments. Just as too much pride and arrogance will block valuable lessons and discerning insight necessary to 'successfully stay' and 'beautifully be' on the path of destiny.

Stop saying you don't know. Stay the course with what you do! Stop saying you don't have the money. Favor transcends and money comes! Denounce the pride interfering with your stride. Knowing is in your flowing and there is beauty in balance!

By any means necessary resolve to manifest using these core principles::

  1. Do your life work!

  2. Flow in what you know.

  3. Find your voice and use it.

  4. Understand relational capital.

  5. Change your mind about money.

  6. Stop people pleasing.

  7. Release your agenda for what has yet to enter into your heart...

EVERYTHING you need to be responsible to the vision... your dream... your purpose... is inside of you. You have the power to balance your mind, body, spirit and beliefs to fulfill it. Revelation and manifestation come. They await in your flowing and knowing. Let it be. So it is.

Check back for more on this later...

Photo Credit: @EymaginationImaging

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