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Stand in Your Truth to LIVE and LOVE: My Juanita Walton Story L+L+L=

My heart shook to learn of the passing of the beautiful Juanita Walton. After reading her husband's Facebook post announcing her death, I was quickly reminded of how we met in downtown DC at Macy's in the ladies shoe department. We were both trying on shoes and giving each other feedback about how fierce those heels were! I watched her night and shining armor husband Roy Jay buy every pair she loved with joy and glee. I thought "WOW how special"!

Our connection was so sweet and nice. We exchanged business cards and arranged to meet for breakfast at the Ritz Carlton the following morning. I was so taken by her beauty and kindness that I went to the MAC store and used my discount to buy her a fabulous collection of colors. I looked for colors I thought she'd wear nicely on her gorgeous face. I knew I was meeting someone special so I came bearing gifts.

While we sat eating breakfast and getting to know one another I noticed she was much like celebrity in the hotel. Apparently, she was the leader of a women's conference for elected officials taking place there. While we dined photographers took our picture and women walked up to her with respect and admiration.

After we finished eating and getting to know one another she invited me to join she and her husband Roy for the conference reception and dinner as her special guest. Roy loved the blouse I wore so much that he wanted her to have one. Without asking, I went to the boutique the following day and picked out a couple different styles in her size. I just wanted to bless this woman! I brought them back to the hotel the next day and her husband had the money waiting. I thought to myself again, "what a special love"!

I would later meet them for dinner during their next business trip to DC not knowing that would be the last time I'd see her again.

It was such a pleasure being in their company. Learning about their love story felt like a gift to me. I secretly thought, "Lord I wanna love and be loved like this". The impression they gave engraved on my heart was LIVE and LOVE. So, you can imagine the message I received deeply in my heart when I saw Roy's Facebook post was exactly that--- LIVE and LOVE. With tears rolling down my face, remembering a very special woman, Juanita Walton I write to you LIVE and LOVE.

Take away--- If you meet someone special, take advantage of the moments. Treat each moment as if it could be the last and have no regrets. Treasure every moment and never be afraid to love.

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