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WOW Winter Retreat Getaway: Take Aways from Dr. Vikki | L+L+L =

I had the WONDER-filled privilege of spending several days with 44 amazing, beautiful, talented women in the "unexpected" yet beautiful, snow covered mountains outside Seattle, WA, at the WOW Winter Retreat Getaway at Rainbow Lodge Retreat Center.

Upon entering the lodge I immediately felt surrounded by LOVE! That was a perfect setup for my presentation from the theme "You Are Worthy of Love!" As the weekend progressed each woman's radiance got brighter and brighter as we connected to our inner LIGHT that permeated every session, every conversation, every hug, every song, every meal, every wound, every tear, every smile, every breakthrough.

By the time we headed home from this unique experience we had gotten in touch with our truth in one way or another. We understood that we are precious, we don't have to perform for love, and this LIBERATION produces perpetual miracles in every area of our lives. It was magical! It was spiritual! It was powerful! With every ounce of courage displayed while we each shared a piece of our soul with another Sister we left that mountain knowing #MyStoryIsAWonder because I AM A WONDER!!!

Looking forward to next year! #SoulWealth will definitely follow #WonderOfWomen around the globe!

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