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WOW! Who is Wonder of Women? L+L+L=

When I founded Wonder of Women, I had a vision. When Wonder of Women found me, it amplified my sights to infinite possibilities for women and girls finding their voice; standing in their truth and celebrating their wonder by telling their story around the world.

Just as we learn who our child is and desires to become after giving birth, I've learned who Wonder of Women is and who she is not by birthing her in private and on a very public stage. She has a heart to do her life work and live on purpose. A genuine love and need for SISTAhood with action to back it up. She does not apologize for who she is. Rather, she boldly takes off her mask and celebrates her royalty in her Queendom making the mirror her best friend. She is fierce. She is bold, She is fun. She is authentic. She is Love. She is Light. WOW--- she is ridiculously liberating! Her story is a WONDER.

From Sacred Story Time with 12 women sharing their stories Easter weekend, March 2016, to live story telling infused with the arts with an over 600 person audience at Seattle Town Hall, June 2016, we've now created space for sacred story time in Seattle, WA, Washington, DC and South Africa launching WonderShoot, RecreateWonder Workshops and WonderAwaits Retreat experiences.

In these various spaces, I began to ask myself questions like this: What if every woman was provided authentic sacred space and sisterhood? What if Love, Light and Liberation becomes paramount to her life decisions? What if healing pain, releasing shame and the need to hide from our past and present is exchanged for standing in her truth? What if the truth really does make her free to live out her purpose? What if she embraces her freedom by "saying YES" to her truth?


We believe in the power of love to heal, restore, realign and make whole. Love transcends our differences. So much of what we experience as we navigate our lives challenges our very basic need to love ourselves, be loved, receive love and be accepted for who we are and what we believe. We believe love has the power to change and evolve our perspective as it relates to how we engage, give and recognize support. Love is the gateway to experiencing life at its fullest and highest experience.


Oh and if you just keep on living, life becomes dark sometimes. Sometimes the Light gets dimmed by the distracting chatter and noise of other people's opinion. Societal, religious and political pressures claim they have the answers, but when the Light comes on it offers the gift of clarity, enlightenment and truth that cannot be denied. The light lets you see what you need to see so you can tell the truth and be free.


Then you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free. This bold necessity of Liberation to create, define and align our lives on our own terms is a serious proposition in a world that seeks to control your mind, time, money and resources. Liberation is freedom to stand in your truth and choose your own path.

As Founder and Visionary, Wonder of Women, I celebrate my personal journey with God, yet I am clear that Wonder of Women is for all women who journey differently. WOW is not a church. Neither do we secretly hold a religious or political agenda. Our mission is to create sacred space for women and girls to chart their own path and choices on their terms. Our philosophy is clear--- Love, Light and Liberation is powerful enough to lead the way. L+L+L=Wonder of Women.

Photo Credit: Eyemagination Imaging

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