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Nobody Can Decide for YOU but YOU! Here's Five Reasons Why YOU Should Decide for YOU.

Decide for YOU!

When you don't feel cared for, loved on and special-- decide for YOU.

When you feel rejected, abandoned and emotionally ignored-- decide for YOU.

When you express your needs over and over and they remain unmet-- decide for YOU.

When they refuse to change and discussions always become arguments-- decide for YOU.

When you no longer feel desirable, beautiful, fierce and fabulous-- decide for YOU.

When you realize the relationship has been chipping away at your confidence and self esteem-- decide for YOU.

When the light comes on and the truth is staring you in your face-- decide for YOU.


1. YOU have the power.

2. YOU are worthy.

3. YOU are loved.

4. YOU deserve happiness.

5. Nobody can decide for YOU, but you.

Decide for YOU.

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