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Our Story Time Birthed a Movement

Wonder of Women (WOW) was birthed from a private retreat in a private home on a private park in the Greater Seattle area, Ressurection Day weekend in March, 2016. At the personal invitation Veronica Very, women came from Seattle, DC, Baltimore, Detroit, Las Vegas and Los Angeles without knowing what to expect or even what they would do for the next three days. The atmosphere was set and with their faces free from makeup and cell phones parked--- the transparency begin! Before they knew it--- story time became truth telling and an unbreakable bond of sisterhood they refused to keep to themselves.

On June 25, 2016, we shared our private experience publicly on stage with over 600 people in attendance at Seattle Town Hall. Their stories were presented with live painting, music, poetry and dance. This experience inaugurated WOW and has sparked a fire of inspiration for women from Seattle, WA, all the way to South Africa!

Our story is simple, and yet so powerful, twelve women came together for a retreat weekend with no idea they were about to birth a global movement for women and girls!

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