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Open Letter to Gabby: SHINE!

Dear Gabby,

I’m writing to send you some cyber LOVE! My heart broke to see the vitriol attack from hateful people and cowardly trolls who hide behind their computers to unleash their shameful bigoted thoughts and beliefs online. How evil of them not to recognize your patriotism. How ignorant of them to believe hand over heart was required decorum for the national anthem. Their hateful rush to pounce all over you made them miss the fact that you weren’t even pledging allegiance. Hate causes people to miss a lot of obvious facts. I felt I should reach out to you and my other black and brown little sisters around the world who experience these kind of attacks daily in different, and yet the same ways. Whether in community, social and/or corporate settings we've become used to reaching heroic heights that never seem good enough. Often, as the “only one” in the entire group. As black women, we’ve done many calisthenics and gymnastics to be heard, accepted and understood by the dominate culture and sometimes our own. Working ten times as hard with a ten times less the playing field we flip over bars, do magical turns mid air and jump thru hoops of stereotypes, perceptions and unspoken pain. While this must be a tough time, I want you to know that your sisters all over the world understand how you must feel. We are so proud of you for displaying such grace and courage. We admire you. We beam with excitement and pray for you as you represent us around the world. Keep your head up Gabby. Hold on to what is forever true: Your skin is beautiful. Your cheek bones are brilliant and envied. Your hair is naturally fabulous. Your body is strong and bold. Your smile illumines. There is a twinkle in your dark brown eyes that shines bright like a diamond. Your heart and love for your Country is enormous and downright undeniable. Keep shining. No matter what hateful people say. When they praise you--- SHINE. When they attack you--- SHINE. When you're up and even when you're down--- just SHINE. You will only become stronger, better, wiser, and brighter. You will build spiritual muscle of brilliance because that is what's in your DNA.


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