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Wonder of Women Coming to DC

In a world where some men see a glass ceiling separating them from women, a new organization coming to Washington, D.C. moves the focus within. The Wonder of Women plans to launch a chapter in the District aimed at highlighting who women are on the inside, according to Veronica Very, Founder & Visionary of

She launched the website in Seattle, her main city of residence, but has a connection to the District through family members. “It’s the place where I healed and recovered from a fall and had a moment in my life where somebody needed to take care of me,” Very said, before a meeting at Busboys & Poets on 14th Street, N.W.

Now, she wants to take care of other women by empowering them to tell their stories. “Sisterhood is real. It’s important. It’s life-changing,” Very said. “But we can’t experience it until we find our truth, stand in our truth and our voice and celebrate our wonder,” she said. Very works with a leadership team made up of women who share her vision of empowering women through a philosophy of love, light and liberation.

Through events, like retreats, the group serves as a resource, as stated on its website: “We’ve started the Wonder of Women movement for women and girls to influence a paradigm shift in our thinking and being so we can authentically experience speaking our truth, embracing our power and living our purpose. Not just for ourselves, but the next generation of girls who are watching and coming behind us.”

“The Wonder of Women movement provides a space where the masks can be removed, a place to be inspired, motivated and connected,” said Denise Ransom, who lives in Clinton, Maryland.

Kathei McCoy went on a Women of Wonder retreat. “It was life-changing. It was an opportunity for me to connect with women, some that I had never even met before, but we were able to connect on a level that I haven’t connected with friends before,” she said. “It was a safe, sacred place to share your deepest, darkest secrets and feel like you weren’t judged.”

Wonder of Women’s Washington, D.C. launch is expected this summer and a blog is in the works in the coming months.“I’ve met friends here who have needed inspiration, who are giving inspiration, who are equipping other women with the tools they need to navigate successfully through society… not just locally, but globally, nationally,” Very said. “This is the place where decisions are made. It’s the epicenter of decision-making for the nation.” Very wants women to make their own decisions when it comes to their destinies.

McCoy’s advice for D.C. women is, “Not to hold back from telling your story out of fear of being rejected or fear of being judged, but know that telling your story is going to set you free. And it’s going to set other people free and that alone should draw you to this event.”

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