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Wonder of Women International is proud to present: 

WonderShoot: EyeWonder Your Story!


WonderShoot is a photoshoot party in partnership with Eyemagination Imaging to capture women’s stories through portrait art around the world.


WonderShoot "pop-up" events give women an opportunity to meet

women and girls of color, share their story, be photographed and celebrated

for their profiles of courage and triumph. 


WonderShoot will document, promote and share stories that inform and inspire.

The goals of the WonderShoot is to create digital impressions that raises greater awareness of a woman’s journey; provide fun sacred space for her voice to be heard

and celebrate her wonder in a way that validates her truth. 


WonderShoot events will be featured on our website;

social media channels and selected stories in a special edition e-magazine.

For more information and/or to host WonderShoot in your area, contact us.

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