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Dear Sista,


We come from a long line of kings and queens. 


Our ancestors are powerful and divinely poised to give you power.  


Even though our ancestors were stolen from our motherland there is a bonded connection to Africa that can never be stolen from our hearts. 


Speak to your ancestors. Release and heal ancestral pain and trauma. Educate yourself on their health issues for awareness on how to take care of yourself. This information will allow you to be more aware and better positioned to prevent those same health problems.


Your ancestral lineage and your ancestors are a gift. Remember. Read. Learn. Live with their power. Keep making them proud. 


In this suite you may offer a silent prayer to your ancestors. You may write them a love letter and share it with a friend or family member later. You may just be still and hold space for their presence.

View artworks for this room here.



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