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#RecreateWonder Workshop Description

A day retreat weekend created for women to recreate, redefine and realign with their purpose through storytelling workshops.


Motivating and empowering workshops to inspire women to find their voice; stand in their truth and celebrate their wonder by telling their story.

Workshop Dates & Location:

Coming soon!


to make anew



Recreate your wonder by learning how to tell your story through the undeniable power of love, light and liberation.


Learn how your most significant life lessons and experiences can give you the power you need to discover your voice, stand in your truth and celebrate your wonder.  


to set forth new meaning


Redefine your journey on your terms. Learn how to take your power back, take inventory and declutter for clarity and definine your personal vision, mission and purpose statements.


to bring into agreement with a purpose



Realign with your passions, purpose and power--- your wonder! Learn how to realign your time, talent and money with what matters most to you by elevating your energy toward the areas directly connected to personal vision, mission and purpose.

Participant Outcomes

Reflect on your journey in small supportive circles

Define your personal vision, mission and purpose


Confidence boosting around your purpose

Elevate your energy, focus and attention on what matters most

New community of authentic sisterhood

Wonder of Women Workshop Weekend Certificate of Completion

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