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The Wonder of Women Billboard Campaign

Dear Sista,
Let's Heal.

What is the WOW Billboard Campaign?

A well being campaign made for black women and girls all over the globe.  In keeping with the Wonder of Women tradition, it is a love letter to another sister to inspire and give love.

Where are the billboards today?

Seattle Metro Area


Dear Sista billboards are currently located in the Seattle metro area.  With your support, we will reach cities across the globe! 

How can you support?

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What is the feedback from the community?

Veronica Very - I felt loved, proud and excited. It made me think about my sistas-the REAL connections I’ve made with black women, particularly in and around Seattle but also the amazing women I met that live elsewhere- my personal growth and healing. 


(It also made me sad only because I’ve been disconnected because of COVID and my work schedule.)


Marissa M.



Veronica Very - It makes me feel included, welcomed, less afraid that I am alone in this struggle, it makes proud that we are seen.


Charlene T.

I felt amazing and proud…. Excited! It made me smile from deep within ❤️ I felt seen.

Shurondia M.

Wow! WE are not alone. You can’t look the other way.  We must be acknowledge. Hallelujah ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Love M.



Brinell A.

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