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"The Evolution of a Woman"
Artist-in-residence Keara Wilson

“The Evolution of a Woman” is a black-and-white photography series on display at WOW Gallery featuring current Artist-in-Residence Keara Wilson.


This series is part of (and integral to) the Healing Suites experience within the gallery. The art both evokes, and was inspired by, the guiding principles Breathe, Read, Write, Listen, Speak, Affirm and Remember. 


Please find more work from the artist at this link.


Artist Statement:


Evolution is the gradual transition from simple to complex. “The Evolution of a Woman” delves into my personal journey towards evolving into a woman. 


In February 2021, I decided to move from the east coast to the West coast for what was presented to be a better opportunity for myself as an artist. I noticed that I was constantly at war with myself. The fear of not knowing whether I am fully equipped or even compatible for this chapter in my life was very unsettling. 


Being 2,972 miles away from your family doesn’t ease the pain of taking a leap of faith. However, I have come to realize that putting myself into an uncomfortable position has forced me to break the shell of who I once was, while molding myself into who I was destined to be. 


Of course, being in the comfort of my own home was great but there was an underlying fear that was keeping me stagnant. I needed to be replanted, i had out grown that space. It was time for a new pot. 


There’s a quote that states “ Fear has two meanings. Fear everything and run or face everything and rise. The choice is yours.”  


Fear is not impossible to overcome. I am definitely evidence of that. That’s why I decided to create “The Evolution of a Woman” in hopes that you too as the viewer can connect in some way. Evolving is not easy but it’s necessary for the betterment of self. I hope that when you walk through these healing suites you not only resonate with the word on the door but that each image resonates with you as you reflect on your own journey of evolution.

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