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The Wonder of Women private retreat experience gave me the sacred space to boldly face my truth without fear of judgment. I found that my story isn't unique to me and that by sharing my truth other women will be set free.

Kathei M.

Renton, WA

The sheer strength and courage that these women possess has me truly in wonder. Together as a group, we have suffered some of the most tragic things on earth, yet the healing power that each one of us emanates is enough to change the world.

Annie V.

Irvine, CA

The Wonder of Women private retreat experience enabled me to speak my truth without shame or feelings of judgement. Being surrounded by mirrors, reflections of self, empowered me to transform a painful experience into a story of healing and inspiration. I was reminded that I am powerful beyond my greatest dreams. The amazing experience of bonding, support and love allowed me to at last dance with my shadows and embrace my wonder!

Crystal W.

Las Vegas, NV

My Wonder of Women experience shifted the trajectory of my journey. Exposing my unedited truth in a sacred space ushered the spirit of fear out and birthed the realization of God's idea of me into full manifestation!

Tracie A.

Seattle, WA

As I listened to others share their stories, I realized that I had the ability to truly listen without judgment. I was open to hear in a new way. As I opened my mouth to share my story the power that my past memories had was taken away. I discovered that my story has been a shared experience although I believed I suffered alone.

Yvette S.

Seattle, WA

My Wonder of Women experience touched the soul of my woman hood and allowed me to open the spirit of my truth. I am forever changed.

Jamie E.

Renton, WA

My Wonder of Women private retreat experience allowed me the space to just BE, which means everything to me.

Denise R.

Clinton, Maryland

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