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Seven Intentional Steps to Ride the Wave of Your Emotions Intelligently

As we transition cozy into a new season, be mindful of how natural it is for our emotions to ebb and flow, up and down and around. This flow is completely normal and nothing is wrong with you!! The temptation to become depressed, sad and hard on yourself is real. Your body is likely feeling more intensely and adjusting to the seasonal changes. Natural changes have physical and spiritual implications so be sure to remember feelings are not facts. They should indicate not dictate; inform and sometimes warn but not run the show and boss you around.

Here are seven intentional steps you can take to ride the wave of your emotions intelligently: Feel. Breathe. Forgive. Seek. Listen. Learn. Love.

1. Be intentional about creating space to feel.

Feel. Remember feelings aren't facts. They guide, inform and indicate. Be intentional about recognizing and acknowledging your feelings. Give space to your feelings. Cry if you need to cry. Close the shades, sleep in or curl up in bed early. Light a candle and run a pampering bath. Turn your phone on silent and check it when you feel like it. Create sacred space to feel.

2. Slow down and breathe deeply.

Breathe. Slow your pace and recognize your breath. Breathe deeply. Inhale the goodness, positivity and inspiration you need. Exhale the toxins of disappointment, struggle and pain. Practice being aware of the lifeline of air that flows through your body giving you life. Remember to breathe.

3. Check your need to forgive.

Forgive. Forgive yourself. Forgive anyone who may have hurt or disappointed you. Sometimes we harbor unforgiveness toward ourselves and others without realizing it. Let it go through the powerful, healing properties of forgiveness. You will feel better and position yourself to move forward.

4. Seek what you need and desire

Seek. Seek the answers you need. Seek time with family and friends. Seek for the desires you hold. Seek and pursue the change you believe is necessary to make your world better. Whatever it is that you desire, hold near and dear--- seek that.

5. Get clear so you can hear!

Listen. Make sure you are clear to hear. Clarity is essential to make sure you are hearing the signs, messages and insight you need. Declutter old thoughts, ideas and irritating distractions from people, places or things. The best ideas, dreams and direction come when we listen.

6. Don't judge--- learn!

Learn. Turn mistakes, failures and disappointments into life lessons about yourself and others that promote healthy relationship. Judging and victimizing serves no one. Be triumphant with the knowledge. Read a great book that guides you and stimulates you intellectually. There are so many ways to learn.

7. Choose love

Love. We all need it! Start with you! Self love is paramount for setting the standard for how others will love. When we love ourselves we show others how to love us. Treat yourself to a mani/pedi; buy yourself something or fix and enjoy your favorite dinner or dessert. Do something you love! But it doesn't stop there, because true love is shared. Be loving, giving and kind to someone else. Take the love challenge: give love to someone who is difficult to love. They likely have a self-love problem. Love them anyway! Find creative ways to share love with others. When you give it, it will come back!

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