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Dear God, Black people in America...

Dear God,

My heart has been hurting this week. I feel broken and angry. I need a righteous response to my anger and pain because I know the implications of keeping the pain within will cause me personal harm. I must pray to you because you know my heart better than anyone. I pray for myself and on behalf of my people who suffer from racism and wounds that run a couple hundred years deep.

God, Black people in America are repeatedly forced to live in a perpetual recycling of pain, trauma and stress like no other race in the world. White people live in privilege and have long denied our pain even exists. The problem is increasing, because white privilege and the lack of righting the wrong of racism and slavery in America has traded slave masters for a militarized warlike form of policing in the so called land of the free. This racist culture has been breeding in American police forces across the entire country for many years. You know God, they killed my brother in 1994.

Police across America are killing our black men. Snuffing out fathers from their children, sons from black parents and black sisters and brothers from one another.

Terrorist and white people are captured without death regularly and yet, black people are murdered without a chance!

This country enslaved our people and now have literally created an acceptable culture of violence and murder perpetuated by police making our streets look worse than any war we fight in other lands.

How can this be ok? How can black people be expected to accept this? How can blacks continue to live without revolt? Go to work everyday in trauma? While whites look at us, attack us with hateful social media attacks and remain silent in the face of our pain? While the police repeatedly go free and never pay for their wrongful acts!! What the hell God!?!? What the hell??

They campaign for "making America great again" as if we don't know what they really mean. They stand up for dogs and animals and flags and police and tell us to go back to Africa. They mock and shame our first black president. Attempt to delegitimize his presidency by blocking his every move and claiming he is a terrorist not born in this country. Shameful, shameful acts God. The majority of loving, kind and caring whites remain silent. Saying nothing at all!

As I type this prayer to you, the streets of Charlotte are ravaging and the Scott and Crutcher families are weeping with grief. They add to the ranks of a long list of families while the media tries to figure out a way to spin it. Our people are wreaked with pain and grief while #DonaldTrump and #HillaryClinton vie for President.

God, I am not convinced this will get better anytime soon. The lies and hatred and abuse and violence and racism is running rampant in America. Our people are fed up and we need you to intervene. I am committed to love, but I am also committed to truth. And the truth is our people are treated worse than animals and terrorist.

This is wrong! This is NOT right! You love justice and mercy. We need them both. Our hope is in you. Make it right!


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